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Minidisc Players

Mini-disc players: Buying guide

Mini-disc players are increasingly becoming audio players of choice for many people today due to their versatility and practicality. If you're shopping for a mini-disc player, there are some things you'll need to consider before parting with your money. Read about how to find the right model whatever your budget.

The Mini-disc (MD) player market has matured greatly and with its maturity has come a wide range on players on offer, which all come at different prices. Determine how much you're willing to spend on your portable player prior to going out shopping.
Stick to your budget when you are out shopping and only consider players that fall within your budget.

Mini-disc playing time
Typically, mini-disc players can last anywhere from 6 hours to 38 hours away from a power source.
Think about how long you will likely use your player on the go to determine how much playing time you need on your mini-disc player.
Consider the battery life of the mini-disc players you identify for purchase to buy one that meets your on-the-move playing time needs.

Recording capability
Make sure the mini-disc player you select can record audio.
This is important because the number of recording artists who have their music available in pre-recorded Mini Disc format is small.
You will need to record quality audio sounds from different sources, such as your HiFi sound system from time to time to be able to enjoy the latest music from your favourite artist on your MD.

Editing features
Editing features in MD players come in handy when you want to edit MDs after making an initial recording.
Choose an MD player that gives you editing functionality, such as ability to:
-Erase individual songs or all stored tracks
-Modify the playing order of songs to your desired sequence
-Divide one track into two from any desired location
-Combine two sequential tracks into one track, and
-Scan or search stored tracks to find a spot within a track

Personal preference
Buy an MD player that meets your personal preference, including your preferred brand name such as Sony mini disc players or Kenwood mini disc players down to your preferred MD player colour.
This ensures that you are satisfied with the player you purchase.

Final word
Portable mini disc players let you listen to music on the go.
They are small, lightweight, stylish and can hold a lot of songs.
To get the right buy, however, you will need to carefully consider what belies the true abilities of the MD player you choose.
Remember that among the wide range of Minidisc players, you may also find portable Minidisc players and Sony Minidisc players.

Sony MDS-JE480

Sony MDS-JE480

Sony Minidisc Players

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£29 to £396 Compare
Yamaha MDX-E300

Yamaha MDX-E300

Yamaha Minidisc Players

£129 to £324 Compare
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