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  • Either as hobby or profession, a DJ is not complete if he is not equipped with the right stuff.


DJ Accessories

DJ accessories: Buying guide

Either as hobby or profession, a DJ is not complete if he is not equipped with the right stuff. There are some basic accessories for a DJ and how they choose them is important? It will be just a matter of time, before you start scratching and mixing great tracks, after following some basic guidelines.

1. Requirements

Mixing software
Find software that is user friendly and with faster processing speed. The software should work well on any computer, including your rack computer. Great software could automatically mix any song for any party. This will ensure you will never run out of tune.

This is important when mixing a lot of songs over a long period of time. This device will provide a better a smoother shift from one song to another. In addition, there are several new mixing styles that you could try with this device. The sky is the limit.

Head shells
It is a must have, if you are planning on scratching to some vinyl record. It is advisable to have a head shell with adjustable weight to avoid the record from skipping.

This is an important device to avoid damage to the turntable’s plate when not in use.

Karaoke DVD player
This is getting more popular today and should be added into the must have list. This is because you could easily add a fresh freestyle rapping or singing to your track.

2) Optional

Deck-saver cover
This device could protect your turntable from any damage when not in use and could be very important too, if you are playing in a crowded area.

Headphone holder
Protect your headphones from damage by placing them in a headphone holder. This will also keep them from getting lost too.

In my opinion, some of these DJ accessories are not vital and will never affect your mixing quality but it all depends on the individual’s choice. Based on this guide, I hope this will give you some general ideas on what to look for before buying any accessories. With a variety of brands in the market, I am sure you will find the accessories that suit your needs well.

Numark S-Shaped Tonearm

Numark S-Shaped Tonearm

Numark DJ Accessories

£43 to £534 Compare
Numark Target light

Numark Target light

Numark DJ Accessories

1 video
£11 Compare
AudioPhony Records Fly 80 LP

AudioPhony Records Fly 80 LP

AudioPhony DJ Accessories

£44 to £262 Compare
Numark Straight Tonearm

Numark Straight Tonearm

Numark DJ Accessories

Score attributed to product
£44 to £352 Compare
AudioPhony Fly Techno

AudioPhony Fly Techno

AudioPhony DJ Accessories

£66 to £264 Compare
Gemini TL-01

Gemini TL-01

Gemini DJ Accessories

£222 to £224 Compare
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