Big Six Wheel


The Big Wheel Six, also known as The Big Wheel or Wheel of Fortune, is one of the simplest gameshow-styled games of chance. There are several variants of the game, and they are Dice Wheel and Money Wheel, and it’s a game popular among players from the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and the USA. Making for a nice change – click here for more info, it’s a great game to try for the first time.

The Big Six Layout

The Wheel gets broken into 54 segments, and each of the 54 segments gets labelled with one of six values. The values that appear more frequently are lower values; however, the game’s biggest payouts have the lowest odds of winning.

How To Play Big Six

There are six betting options in this game of chance, and players get to bet on any of the five numbered or coloured segments or the joker or wild symbols. There are 52 segments marked by numbers or symbols, while the remaining two are the Joker and Wild symbols. In The Big Six, many of the segments share the same number or symbol, giving players a higher probability of winning. Bets are typically limited to 100.00 on an individual space.

Once all the bets get placed, the Wheel spins and should you win, you get paid based on the game’s paytable.

Common Big Six Variants

The Money Wheel is most played in the US and Australia, with the wheel segments represented in monetary values. Dice Wheel is another variant of the game, and it offers a very different representation of the segments on the Wheel. Here the segments are labelled with symbols representing 216 different combinations of three dice. This variant is a rarity at online or land-based casinos and more popular at carnivals.


In terms of strategy, there is not much a player can do to gain the upper hand as it’s not a skill-based game, but as previously mentioned, it’s essentially a game of chance. So visit visit real money casino page, as we all need a little luck in life!